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Confirmed Invited Symposia

  • Context-dependent modification of vocal behaviour in vertebrates

    Chair: Daniela Vallentin, Freie Universitat, Berlin

  • Neuroethology of Distributed Visual Systems: How do many-eyed animals perceive the world?

    Chairs: Michael J. Bok, University of Bristol, United Kingdom & Daniel Speiser, University of South Carolina, USA

  • Challenging the notions of pain, problem-solving and cognitive ability across taxa

    Chair: Ximena Nelson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

  • The evolution of sleep and adaptive sleeplessness

    Chair: John Lesku, La Trobe University, Australia

  • Processing the polarization of light

    Chairs: Martin How & Nicholas Roberts, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Facets of brain mechanisms underlying spatial orientation

    Chairs: Jerome Beetz, University of Frankfurt, Germany & Uwe Homberg, Philipps-Universitat Marburg, Germany

  • What songbird mate choice has taught us about the neural basis of signal performance and perception

    Chair: Jonathan F. Prather, University of Wyoming, USA

  • Vision and memory in crustaceans – neural basis, function and phylogeny

    Chair: Hanne Thoen, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, Australia

  • What the parts tell us about whole: methods and results from automated part tracking

    Chairs: Roian Egnor & Alice Robie, Janelia Research Campus, Virginia, USA

  • Sensory motion strategies

    Chairs: Bart Geurten, Universitat Gottingen, Germany & Tobias Kohl, Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • Genomics-Enabled Approaches to Neuroethology

    Chairs: Jason Gallant, Michigan State University, USA; Kim Hoke, Colorado State University, USA & Ashlee Rowe, Michigan State University, USA

  • Vocal communication as a model for developmentally-regulated learning: an integrative approach

    Chairs: Sarah Bottjer, University of Southern California, USA & Michael Goldstein, Cornell University, USA

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