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Satellite Meetings

Zebrafish neuroethology

14 July 2018 | Brisbane, Australia


In recent years, the zebrafish larva has become a powerful vertebrate model for neuroethology research. Its optical accessibility, a known genome and a vast library of promoters and mutants, make the zebrafish specially suitable for optogenetics and cutting-edge optical methods (e.g. light-sheet microscopy, holographics) to monitor and manipulate neuronal activity. In addition, the zebrafish has a complex although discrete repertoire of motor behaviours, making an ideal vertebrate preparation for the study of neuronal circuit dynamics underlying motor behaviour. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together researchers interested in the study of neural circuits and behaviour, and to introduce the zebrafish model to the neuroethology community which allows the use of state-of-the-art technical approaches to ask neuroethological questions and test specific hypotheses with unprecedented power and infeasible using other animal models. For more information on the Zebrafish neuroethology satellite meeting click here.


Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASSAB) 2018 Conference

12-14 July | Brisbane, Australia

Animal Behaviour researchers are an extraordinarily diverse group united by a common interest in the scientific study of Animal Behaviour. ASSAB provides a valuable unifying forum. In particular, the annual conference provides a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and perspectives with other Animal Behaviour researchers from across Australasia.


Electric Fish

14-15 July 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

Information to come.

Biosonar Satellite Symposium

15 July 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

Information to come.

Leigh Marine Laboratory Satellite - Poster

Patterning Neural Activity in the Central Nervous System
Leigh Marine Laboratory Satellite

12-14 July |Auckland, New Zealand

The formation of patterned neural activity in the Central Nervous System has been a long standing topic in neuroethology. Such pattern formation encompasses the motor output of central pattern generators (GPGs) for rhythmic behaviours, the neural correlates of sound production (vertebrate and invertebrate); song learning, and other forms (such as sensory input processing by cerebellar granule cell networks). The topic is explicitly chosen to be common to a wide range of neuroethology themes. This will allow researchers from different ISN interests to participate and include a NZ element to their 2018 ICN itinerary.

For more information on this Satellite Meeting click here for the proposal.


14 July 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

Information to come.

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