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Program - Thursday 19 July 2018

ROOM Plaza Auditorium Plaza Room P6/P7 Plaza Room P8 Plaza Rooms P9-P11
  Plenary Lecture 4
Chairperson: Justin Marshall
0900 - 1000 Colour vision, perception and patterns: insights from coral reef fishDr Karen Cheney
1000 - 1030 Morning Tea
  Concurrent Invited Symposia Poster Display
  S9: Context-dependent modification of vocal behavior in vertebrates S8: The evolution of sleep and adaptive sleeplessness S7: Sensory motion strategies
Chairpersons: Daniela Vallentin John Lesku Tobias Kohl & Bart Geurten
1030 - 1100 The μ-Opioid receptor system modulates the motivation to sing and acoustic features of female-directed song in zebra finches Mr Sandeep Kumar Do all animals sleep? Dr John Lesku  Towards a brain architecture for visual behavioral selection in Drosophila Gwyneth Card
1100 - 1130 Neural mechanisms underlying vocal sensorimotor transformationsv Dr Michael Long Sleeping in a society of honey bees Dr Barrett Klein Sensory systems influence the locomotion strategy of Drosophila Kristina Corthals
1130 - 1200 Precise motor control in vocal behaviour of marmoset monkeys Dr Steffen Hage Sleeping with both eyes open: evidence of behavioural sleep in the Port Jackson shark Mr Michael Kelly Saccadic movement strategies in swimming animals Dr Frederike Hanke
1200 - 1230 Social context-specific vocal communication in Xenopus Dr Darcy Kelley First Evidence of Sleep in Flight Dr Niels Rattenborg How do snakes stabilize the olfactory world? Investigating compensatory tongue and head movements in snakes Dr Tobias Kohl
1230 - 1400 Lunch
  Plenary Lecture 5
Chairperson: Cynthia Moss
1400 - 1500 From sensory perception to foraging decision making - the bat's point of view Professor Yossi Yovel
  The Walter Heiligenberg Lecture
Chairperson: Daniel Tomsic
1500 - 1600 Dominant versus subordinate brains: the establishment and consolidation of hierarchy Dr Ana Silva
1600 - 1630 Afternoon Tea
1630 - 1830   Poster Session
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