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Program - Friday 20 July 2018

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  Plenary Lecture 6
Chairperson: Martin Giurfa
0900 - 1000 Organization of the auditory system in fruit flies Professor Azusa Kamikouchi
1000 - 1030 Morning Tea
  Concurrent Invited Symposia Poster Display
  S11: Facets of brain mechanisms underlying spatial orientation. S10: Vision and memory in crustaceans – neural basis, function and phylogeny S12: What the parts tell us about whole: methods and results from automated part tracking
Chairpersons: Jerome Beetz & Uwe Homberg Hanne Thoen Roian Egnor & Alice Robie
1030 - 1100 Neuroethology of phonotactic orientation in field crickets Dr Stefan Schoneich Insights from a formidable companion, the crab Neohelice granulata Dr Julieta Sztarker Using machine vision for automated tracking of body and leg positions in freely walking Drosophila Dr Alice Robie
1100 - 1130 The role of the Central-Complex in spatial orientation, locomotion, and prey detectionDr Anne Wosnitza The evolution of crustacean brains and sensory specializations in the midwater hyperiid amphipods Dr Chan Lin Motion Capture for animal behaviours Huai-Ti Lin
1130 - 1200 Acoustic orientation in the dark: About how the brain processes naturalistic echolocation sequences in the fruit-eating bat Carollia perspicillata Mr M. Jerome Beetz Mushroom Bodies and Mantis Shrimp: Insect-like Brain Structures in a Crustacean Dr Gabriella Wolff High-speed surface reconstruction of flying birds using structured light Mr Marc Deetjen
1200 - 1230 Vectorial representation of spatial goals in the hippocampus of bats Professor Nachum Ulanovsky Divergent evolution of memory centers in malacostracan crustaceans Dr Nicholas Strausfeld Comparing Centralization of Locomotor Control in Biological, Computational, and Robotic Models Dr Izaak Neveln
1230 - 1400 Lunch
  Plenary Lecture 7
Chairperson: Karin Nordstrom
1400 - 1500 Straighten up and fly right: Using a modern fly to reconstruct behaviors of an ancient world Professor Michael Dickinson
1500 - 1530 Afternoon Tea
1530 - 1730 Concurrent Oral Symposia Poster Display
  Oral Session 4 Oral Session 5 Oral Session 6
Chairpersons: Anne von Philipsborn Stanley Heinze Sara Wasserman
1530 - 1545 Representation of 3D space in the entorhinal cortex of flying bats Ms Gily Ginosar Space representation in the goldfish brain Mr Ehud Vinepinksy The “falcon dive” of a killer fly and other sensorimotor challenges of this miniature visual predator Dr Paloma T. Gonzalez-Bellido
1545 - 1600 Sound production in decapod crustaceans: behavioral contexts and a newly found role for the circuits of the stomatogastric nervous system. Dr Marie Goeritz The Earth’s magnetic field and visual landmarks steer migration in a nocturnal moth Dr David Dreyer Nested neuronal oscillators orchestrate motor actions across timescales Mr Harris Kaplan
1600 - 1615 Underwater Hearing, Internally Coupled Ears (ICE), and Sound Localization in Xenopus laevis Professor Leo van Hemmen Magnetic map navigation requires input from the trigeminal nerve in a migratory songbird Dr Alexander Pakhomov Descending neuron control of flight behavior in Drosophila Dr Wyatt Korff
1615 - 1630 Audio-vocal integration in echolocating bats Dr Jinhong Luo Spatial navigation in amphibians: Hippocampal encoding of space based on conspecific vocalizations Miss Maria Ines Sotelo Ballooning spiders: sensory mechanisms and electric flight Dr Erica Morley
1630 - 1645 Neuroethology of sound localization in the pallid bat Dr Khaleel Razak Sensorimotor strategies for robust flight control under large mass changes in the hawk moth, Manduca sexta Dr Simon Sponberg Timing, Consistency, and Redundancy in a Comprehensive, Spike-Resolved Flight Motor ProgramMiss Joy Putney
1645 - 1700 Neural preparatory activity and sensory feedback independent introductory vocalizations drive initiation of learned song in the male zebra finch Dr Raghav Rajan Influence of wide-field motion on the signaling of sky-compass cues in the locust central complex Ms Uta Pegel How do flies fly? Modelling the flight of fruitflies in a virtual reality arena Mr Kiaran Kohtaro Katori Lawson
1700 - 1715 Social grouping in caterpillars: proximate mechanisms, from vibroacoustics to sociogenomics Ms Chanchal Yadav Suppression of echolocation in groups of tri-colored bats Dr Amanda Adams Backpropagating ectopic action potentials modify information encoding in neurons Ms Margaret DeMaegd
1715 - 1730 Net-caster neurophysiology: Far-field hearing in a nocturnal spider Dr Jay Stafstrom Neural control of dynamic 3-dimensional skin papillae for cuttlefish camouflage Dr Trevor Wardill The effect of sensory experience on multisensory integration in the weakly electric fish Gnathonemus petersii Miss Malou Zeymer
1730 - 1830 ISN Business Meeting
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